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Should you be outsourcing some key manufacturing processes?

Our clients are faced with the twin challenge of higher research and development costs and shrinking exclusivity periods. They choose to outsource because it allows for the best utilisation of resource and a more rapid, cost-effective route to proof of principle.

Partner with us and your development programs will proceed rapidly without the associated costs of design, construction and validation of a production facility. You will be able to quickly scale your requirements up or down, knowing that we understand your particular requirements.

If your business is drug discovery, partner with us to accelerate product development by letting us provide the primary bioprocessing interface between discovery and clinical trials. We add value by creating a cost effective route from concept through to proof of principle.

If your business is diagnostics, we will partner with you to provide either additional manufacturing capacity to accommodate increased demand, or to supply primary manufacture of early stage new products, thereby removing the need for extensive additional capital and human resource before your market is established.
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