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A commitment to each client and each project

Our Credentials

Our reputation for developing commercially successful hybridoma lines speaks for itself.

We were early pioneers in the use of hollow fibre bioreactor technology - now accepted by regulatory agencies for the manufacture of therapeutic proteins.
Our process development expertise extends to the development of serum - free systems, and the validation of production and purification processes.
Our project records provide detailed and traceable process and product characterisation data and documentation suitable for regulatory submissions.

Our cost-effective, multi-purpose, flexible manufacturing facilities provide access to hollow fibre, fermenter, roller, and spinner culture technologies, enabling us to tailor our services to your individual requirements. We can also arrange access to other essential services (e.g. biosafety testing) to facilitate and expedite product development through to market. We complete our contracts within well defined budgets and timelines and will provide excellent client service from your initial enquiry through to delivery of product.

The nature of our services requires us to work with our clients in a confidential, creative, synergystic partnership. This commitment to client and project is key to our success. We will work with you through an evaluation and optimisation programme, manufacturing your product to pilot scale and validating the production processes to facilitate scale-up for clinical trials. From the moment of your first enquiry you are assured of a high level of service from our customer focused team.

In addition to offering contract manufacturing services, Biosynergy produces and supplies its own brand immunodiagnostic reagents. The company has been a recipient of three innovation awards from the UK Department of Trade and Industry.

Quality Assurance

Biosynergy carries out all processes according to standard operating procedures. We have been registered to ISO 9001 since March 2000; so you are assured that products will be formulated and supplied to your specifications and requirements in accordance with best manufacturing practices.
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