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Microbial Cell Culture

Our microbial fermentation suite is designed for work with non-pathogenic organisms (Biosafety Level I) for research, and small pilot-scale production of microbiological organisms. It is equipped for batch and fed batch cultures of five to fifteen litres.

We also produce cells in shake flasks using both small- and medium-scale shaker incubators.

Constant monitoring of each run ensures pH, temperature, aeration; dissolved oxygen content and agitation rate can be stringently controlled to provide the optimum growth conditions.

Quality control is maintained by regular vessel sampling and metabolite testing to ensure the final product meets your requirement. Addition of nutrient and components during the run allows fed-batch and induction experiments to be performed.

Once harvested, cells can be sent as a frozen pellet or subjected to further downstream processing to provide cell or protein extracts specific to customer requirements.

Our scientific team is highly skilled and has experience with a variety of fermentation and downstream processes. We can provide our clients with the following services:

  • Process development and optimisation for fermentation
  • Batch and fed batch culture
  • Production of bacteria and yeast in 5-15 litre (working volume) fermenters
  • Assistance in media development and optimisation
  • Downstream processing and protein purification services, including concentration of cell mass, culture filtrate and protein isolation and characterisation
  • Preparation of intracellular and secreted products
  • Stable cell line and production storage
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