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Q How much will it cost to produce 1gm, 10gm, 100gm of purified protein?

A Accuracy of costing is dependent on the information available for the cell line to be used.

Our short evaluation programme (4-8 weeks) will provide a detailed report on the cell line and its suitability for production. From this information we will provide an accurate costing and timescale for completion of your project. Downstream processing protocols also affect yield, and for monoclonal antibodies requiring a Protein A purification step, antibody subclass will affect recovery levels. Talk to us about process development and optimisation before embarking on production campaigns.

Q Is it possible to start production within 4 weeks?

A Yes. Subject to sufficient information being available.

Download, complete and return our customer questionnaire to enable us to give you the answer.

Q Is my cell line suitable for manufacture for clinical trials?

A Please refer to our project progression schedule. Is the cell line sufficiently well characterised (stability, sterility, biosafety considerations). Unsure? Get in touch with us and we will discuss this with you.

Q Being a multi-client, multi-product facility, can you assure confidentiality?

A Yes. Our document archiving systems ensure that no breach of confidentiality occurs. Client and project security is a core business ethic.

Q How do I know if my cell line is stable?

A Cell lines often contain low or non-secreting variants. High level expression of such variants during long-term culture is undesirable. We will assess your line and generate a cell bank suitable for long-term production. Where possible we will select high secreting clones as part of this process, thereby reducing production time.

If you have any further questions please do Get in touch with us; we would be very pleased to talk to you.

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