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Our facilities

Biosynergy (Europe) Ltd is based just outside Cambridge, close to major road and rail networks, with Stansted Airport just 35 minutes away. Our premises comprise a suite of multipurpose, flexible bio-manufacturing laboratories incorporating a range of cell culture and protein production platforms.

The facilities on our site include:

  • Four production suites for hollow fibre bioreactors, fermenters, roller, and spinner culture
  • Quarantine suite
  • Dedicated microbial fermentation suite
  • Two downstream processing suites
  • Immunoassay laboratory
  • QC laboratory

We offer many different cell culture systems.

  • Hollow fibre bioreactors
  • Research-scale stirred vessel fermenter
  • Roller bottles
  • Spinner flasks
  • Cell factories
  • Cell Stack
  • miniPERM

To understand more about the range of services that we offer please view the our solutions page.

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