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Downstream Processing and Antibody Conjugations

We have the experience and capability to produce and process biological material in milligram to multi-gram quantities. With facilities for both mammalian and microbial cell culture we can process whole cells, cell fragments, cellular extracts or secreted products using your existing protocols; or by developing new, validated procedures. We use a combination of chromatographic techniques for protein purification. These include ion exchange, affinity, size-exclusion and hydrophobic interaction chromatography.

Our expertise extends from routine immunoglobulin purification to process development and downstream processing for novel recombinant protein production.

Our downstream processing services include:

  • Isolation and characterisation of purified proteins from mammalian cells (e.g. monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments, recombinant proteins)

  • Supply of partially purified or fully purified proteins in accordance with your requirements

  • Conjugation of reporter molecules to purified proteins

  • Isolation and characterisation of purified proteins from microbial cells or supply of cell mass, cell fragments or extracts (enzymes, protein lysate fractions or other intracellular products)

To understand more about the range of services that we offer please view the our solutions page.

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