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Cell Culture - Fusion and Cloning

Biosynergy (Europe) Ltd has five dedicated mammalian cell culture suites. This provides plenty of flexibility for growing different cell types and, where necessary, allows us to run projects in isolation. It also gives us scope for process and product development studies without compromising other biomanufacturing activities.

We have experience of a wide range of cell culture techniques including use of roller bottle, shaker flask, spinner vessel, cell factory, miniperm, and stirred tank fermenters. We specialise in hollow fibre bioreactor technology, which is well suited to monoclonal antibody and recombinant protein production. The cell culture technique we use is determined either by the production scale (research, proof of concept, immunodiagnostic in-market supply) or customer preference.

Cell Culture - Creation of cell banks

We understand the importance of maintaining viable cryopreserved cell banks as a secure source of cells and cell culture derived products.
We will create your cell banks and store them at safe locations both on and off-site, thereby ensuring that you always have high quality cell stocks for all your antibody production or other cell culture needs.

A service tailored to your requirements

Prior to initiating a project, our cell culture team will meet with you to establish your requirements; discussing process development, amount of product required, and time constraints. We will make sure that the transfer of your cell cultures or biomanufacturing processes into Biosynergy is smooth and secure. We can create and manage your cell banks, confirm mycoplasma-free status, co-ordinate testing for other adventitious agents, clone your cells to improve productivity, and culture your cell lines to produce the protein you require. Our cell culture team works closely with the protein purification team to ensure that downstream processing proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

We have over two decades experience of producing functional biomolecules using hollow fibre bioreactors; this includes antibody production (murine and humanised monoclonal antibodies) and cytokines (Erythropoietin, GMCSF).

As a key supplier to companies in the immunodiagnostics sector for many years, you are assured of a reliable, expert and consistent service.

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